Keep your property safe from blockages and bush fires

Are your gutters full of leaves and causing blockage issues at your roof line and in your down pipes? Are the gutters always last thing on your to do list, always just out of reach (excuse our pun)?

The Wash offers a comprehensive utter cleaning service for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

We use state-of-art gutter cleaning equipment that can safely reach most locations from the ground and keep more debris from landing on your manicured lawn.

We recommend having your gutters cleaner out twice a year: once after Autumn to remove any leaves before the winter rainy season, and once before Summer as bush fire prevention.

So, How Does It Work?

Here at The Wash Pro Solutions, our gutter cleaning process involves:


  • Removing all debris including leaves, branches & bird nests

  • Flushing the down pipes

  • Vacuuming all surfaces gutter and valleys with Gutter Vac technology


Once we’ve cleaned your gutters, we will give you a report with recommendations for further maintenance and before and after photos.


To book with us, call 0413602493

Other services we offer

Residential Windows

We clean windows, balustrades, pool fencing and anything else that is glass!

From cosy apartments to towering mansions, we have you covered.


Commercial Window

We professionally clean all commercial buildings from ground to 3 storeys using our years of experience and ionized equipment.

Schools, nursing homes, car dealerships: if you have glass, we can clean it.


Pressure Washing

Do you remember what colour your garden bricks originally are?

Refresh your property.Drive ways, paths and patios, awnings and pergolas, external façade with pressure or soft wash.


Gutter Cleaning

With our Gutter-Vac System we get the job done with less mess and to a better quality than cleaning by hand.
Say goodbye to hanging off the ladder to clean: we can unblock your gutters and down pipes from the ground!


commercial solar

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that dust on your panels will stop you receiving the most out of your solar rebate? Leaves, dirt, dust and bird droppings all stop the panels from being able to generate electricity.

Regular maintenance means you earn money back into your pocket where it belongs..


Soft Wash

Do you have an exterior that looks a bit tired but you are worried that pressure washing will blast the finish off?

Soft Wash is a pressure and window cleaning service designed to clean hard surfaces such as stucco, composite, wood, and other materials without causing any damage.


Roof Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a key factor in preventing premature wear and tear on your roof.

Pick up/ drop off laundry service

Send it dirty, returned clean and perfectly folded laundry. Pick up and delivery right to your door.

Our dedicated laundry facility can handle whatever you throw at us be it residential,  commercial or AirBnB,

And yes, we are NDIS funded!